28 Aralık 2009 Pazartesi

are you looking for a penpal?

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hey again. lots of young people have a penpal from all over the world in nowadays. why don't you have one? :) if you don't, internet is the best place to find a buddy. but how??? first advice, do not search a penpal site on google! because there are lots of fake sites which promise you to find a sexy (!) penpal. they just get your personal informations and use them to send spam advertise mails to people. the second advice is do not search a penpal on the friendship sites. surely, lots of people use them (specially facebook, myspace, netlog...) but the main idea is not the find a penpal in there. i just know a web site for a finding friend for being penpal which i can honestly suggest. www.interpals.net is the best for now. i've been using this almost 2 years and i'm very glad to know this site. i have lots of friends from all over the world. of course, there are some pervs and money stalkers in there but don't mind them, you can find really true friends. if you decided to register, please get at my profile and write my wall :)

3 yorum:

  1. Muaha, you're sexy enough for all the site xD

  2. interpals.net is the BEST website to find true friends from all over the world :)

    Interpals ID: cappygirl70

  3. Yes, u are right) There I found a lot of interesting people) and there I met u))) And I'm very glad that I know u :)