30 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

New Minimal Template

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Hello people. I haven't write for a while, I don't really know why but I didn't do that. Actually, I just tried to figure how this blog will go to the future and keep up validity and I decided the make some changes on my template. Blogger is very rich about the template but I don't really like the ready stuffs, I wanted to create my own theme with using default one. I observed to being pure and minimal so, here's the new version of barkness. I hope you like this.

By the way, I decided to write more about computer, internet and other technologic stuffs. Wish me a good luck to have good posts. Take care!
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25 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi

flamenco radios online

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nowadays, i'm listening some local flamenco radio stations almost everyday. i just found them and i totally like. they specially located spain. i wan to share the online broadcasting links. here are a list of flamenco radios:

http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=467234 (*)
http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=455546 (*)
http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=650449 (*)

the links with stars are my best. enjoy! :)
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21 Ocak 2010 Perşembe

once upon a time

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i really like this kinda photos. i choosed 6 of 39 photos. heroes in the past...

marilyn monroe (no make up!)

looks sad always, kurt kobain

kate moss & jhonny depp (he's f*ckin cool again)

elvis and muhammed ali (best photo)

clint eastwood and his wife

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17 Ocak 2010 Pazar

Majek Fashek - Some Day One Day #3

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as you know, i search good sounds on youtube frequently. today i met with a nigerian guy which called the local bob marley in his country. when you listen him, you can realise the similarity of the voices. i'll probably post another post about this african superstar, for now, just listen a good song by him. peace!
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14 Ocak 2010 Perşembe

avatar (2009)

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it was tottaly not so good! that's it. every movie has not to be good, this is a reality. the main idea is saving the nature. i could even explain more than james cameron in 2.45 hours...

i actually didn't watch it in 3d. i have to be honest, i watched it camrip -_- i didn't expect so much things from camrip but the animations was really sucks. it was just look like a cartoon from marvel comics. flying scenes looks so fake at all. anyway. well i'm not a movie interpreter, i don't wanna say some much bad things about the movie and i can't say even if i want to say because my english doesn't let me talk so clearly :) i just can say i don't like it...
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13 Ocak 2010 Çarşamba

T-shirt Designs for Bloggers.

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i saw some t-shirt designs for webmasters and i thought about making some t-shirt prototypes for bloggers. i may continue to design. hope you like 'em!

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che in madrid - spain

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Ernesto stept three times in madrid / spain. firts one was on 14 june '59...

Ernesto Che Guevara in MadridErnesto Che Guevara in MadridErnesto Che Guevara in SpainErnesto Che Guevara in Madrid, Spain

the second on 3 september '59...

the third trip was in october '66. he hide behind a false identity of ramon benitez...

hasta siempre comandante!
photo sources: inner
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12 Ocak 2010 Salı


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sadness man.. just sadness... don't really wana live for a long time, don't really wanna be old... become happy seems so f*ckin far away from me.. don't really wanna wait... i cannot resist anymore... just like elvis... just like the others...
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10 Ocak 2010 Pazar

damn cigars

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i cannot stop smoking. i know it's killing me day by day but i can't even take a break to smoke. i tried it for a couple times but i couldn't do it well. i'm just 60 kg's couse of this bullshit. i must stop to smoke to get weight. f*ck!
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9 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

a photo can describe everything

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i was going to denizli (which is an anatolian city, close to izmir and mediterranean sea) to my friend. oğuz (left one on the photo) studies in there and he has a house in there. he is my one of the best friend forever. we were in the same high school and have known each other more than 4 years.he invited me to go there and have fun for a week. sorry for the late post about this but this one took on new year night. we were drunk there again :) i just could find the cable of my digital camera to plug-in to my laptop. and denizli... denizli is very small city and conservative as the other anatolian cities. ankara is so much better than there surely. do not add to your trip list of turkey lol. take care!
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8 Ocak 2010 Cuma

modena city ramblers - ebano #2

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ummm today, i just got an advice about my local song section from my dear cost :*
this band is from italy and song is about a girl who came from africa to italy and became a whore in there. i like story...

ps: f*ck racism!
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6 Ocak 2010 Çarşamba

manic street preachers - umbrella

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f*cking great cover. better than original. no need to say something...
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again and again...

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ummm first post of 2010. i am not really so excited to write it on here. don't know why... what's the difference between 2009 and 2010... nothing...
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