10 Şubat 2010 Çarşamba

Barkness is the Biggest Lazyass

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"i just want the music never stop. couse, when it's stops and i open my eyes for the truth, i hate what i see."

Wow it's very hard for me to not have something to write. I'm in a vacation for now, it ends next week so I'll go to school again. I'm really bored at the house. There's nothing to do, I'm just surfing on the net and listening music. I kill my days with this way. Also, I feel very lazy to being so moveless for nowadays. I should go and travel a bit but we are in the winter session so the outside is very cold for now. It's something like -3 degree and look like kinda going to snow. By the way I just found a online radio station wich called KickRadio 80's n 90's Hits. It's awesome. I like to listen old songs, they remain me to my childhood. During these lazy days, I decided to make a new website for earning money. I want to go to a Europe country as a little vacation in this summer but I don't have enough money for now. So I should focus on google adsense to earn a little bit money for my vacation. I'm just into the making a new design to SMF forum system and turning it a RSS feed parser. I hope I can move my lazyass and do that. Peace!

PS: I stole this photo from an Arabic blog, sorry I really can't remember the name.


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  1. It's normal to feeling lazy sometime.
    But at least you are work out on your design and adsense.
    I wish you can go travel to any place you want soon.
    Have a good luck my friend.