9 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

a photo can describe everything

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i was going to denizli (which is an anatolian city, close to izmir and mediterranean sea) to my friend. oğuz (left one on the photo) studies in there and he has a house in there. he is my one of the best friend forever. we were in the same high school and have known each other more than 4 years.he invited me to go there and have fun for a week. sorry for the late post about this but this one took on new year night. we were drunk there again :) i just could find the cable of my digital camera to plug-in to my laptop. and denizli... denizli is very small city and conservative as the other anatolian cities. ankara is so much better than there surely. do not add to your trip list of turkey lol. take care!


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